Grape-marc spirit

A grape marc spirit obtained through the distillation of fermented marc from our organic production. The marc does not undergo any pressing and it is delivered to the distillery within 12 hours upon the first racking. The distillation process takes place with a discontinuous method, with low-grade columns. The distillate obtained through this process is left to mature for a few months before bottling.

Denomination Grape-marc spirit
Production MethodMarc from Organic Agriculture
Definition White, Dry Spirit
Distillation Vacuum-sealed alembics
Ageing Three months before bottling
Further Maturing 6 month in glass

Tasting Notes

The Organic Grape-Marc Spirit “Grappa Raspirossa” conveys a bouquet of warmly refined spices, with hints of honey, almond and raisins. The palate reveals smoothness, fragrance and the right alcoholic vigour.


Grappa Raspirossa is excellent when matched with tasty pralines of fine dark chocolate.