Foco d’Ambra

Passito Wine

The Passito Wine “Foco d’Ambra” is produced with the utmost respect for tradition. The bunches of this precious meditation wine grow at more than 2 metres of height in an ancient vineyard tree-trained to maple and ash: the Chioppi vineyard, which took three years of labour between 1943 and 1945 to the single man who planted it by hand. The bushes of long Malvasia of Chianti and Tuscan Trebbiano are left to dry for over 4 months. The juice extracted from them is a concentrate of sweetness that ferments and rests for over 5 years in small wooden barrels.


AppellationIGT Toscana bianco passito
Production MethodOrganic
Definition white dessert wine from partially dried grapes
VineyardVigna dei Chioppi
Soil Pliocene Sands, Clay
Grapes BlendTuscan long Malvasia, Trebbiano, from the traditional 1945 vineyard with "chioppi" (trees used as alive holder)
Wine MakingThe grapes are dried for at least 4 months. The juice extracted from these dried grapes is a concentrate of sweetness that ferments and lays in small wooden barrels.
AgeingAt least 5 years in barrels.
Production800 - 1000 bottles (0.375 cl)

Tasting Notes

The Organic Raisin Dessert Wine Foco d’Ambra has a shiny amber colour, with intense notes of vanilla, apricot and roasted coffee. It tastes smooth, candied and warm on the palate, with a spicy finishing aftertaste.


We recommend tasting it with savoury chesses. Classic meditation wine.