La Spinosa

High-quality Viticulture & Agriculture with low environmental impact since 1982. Tuscan Farm located in Barberino Val d'Elsa (Florence), certified Organic since 1994.


A hope to sustain and nourish

Buying organic means to treat yourself and your loved ones to healthy, good and honest food, obtained without any synthetic chemicals, no GMOs, radiations or unnecessary additives.

Why Organic

We have opted for a fully organic production since the beginning of our business, back in 1982. In those years, organic product consumers were nothing but a small niche. Ours was and still is an ethical choice, rather than a commercial strategy.
We believe in a kind of agriculture that is free of synthetic chemicals, in a work that should be respectful of the environment and its life cycles, rather than bending nature to the tastes and times of man and market. Our wines are the utmost expression of our beliefs.

Our vineyards are cultivated in compliance with organic specifications that provide for the exclusive use of natural substances that are present in nature, excluding the use of synthetic chemical substances. We believe that a good wine is primarily born from the vineyard, through the most accurate grape cultivation and selection. The following wine cellar interventions are aimed at maximizing the organoleptic characteristics of our wines, whose sulfur dioxide rates are even lower than those prescribed by organic wine regulations.

Natural Viticulturists

Wine Artisans since 1982

All the products of Azienda Agricola La Spinosa, especially its wines, are the direct expression of the territory they come from and the work of those who crafted them, nowadays just like thirty-five years ago.

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Land & Tradition

La Spinosa promotes and practices organic farming as a source of life, combating the looting of the environment to safeguard biodiversity and to protect the well-being of everyone.

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Our way of doing agriculture is to let our products express the characteristics of the soil and the peculiarities of every year of production. Our cereals, our Oil and above all our wines, faithfully reflect the character of the land and the period in which they were born, grown and harvested.
Our work is carried out with a predominant use of human labour, respecting local traditional practices that are a direct inheritance of the ancient Tuscan farming culture.

Our Wines

La Spinosa: 35 Years of High-Quality Organic Products with Low Environmental Impact

Our History

In 1982, we chose the land that would have become La Spinosa. Today, thirty-five years later,
the excellence of our products is the best way to tell our story.

Il Canto di Baccio Wine Shop

La Spinosa's Wine Bar & Shop in Barberino Val d'Elsa

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