Organic EVO Oil La Spinosa

2000 plants cultivated with organic & natural methods

La Spinosa’s Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from the fruits of olive trees cultivated on soils whose fertility is maintained through green manure cropping and organic fertilizers, while parasites and diseases are controlled with minimal treatments based on copper, kaolin and natural pyrethrum.

As with wines and other typical products, la Spinosa brings into play all of its knowledge and experience to guarantee a top-quality olive oil, one of the basic ingredients of Mediterranean and Tuscan cuisine.

Typical Products

A taste that respect earth and tradition

Spelt is one of the oldest cereal crops in history. Cultivated from the Middle East to Italy and commonly used in ancient Egypt as in Rome, spelt remains one of the most typical ingredients of the Tuscan gastronomic tradition, although its use has been slightly decreasing in recent times.

The “Zolfino” bean is a typical variety of Tuscany. This indigenous crop had almost disappeared and was rediscovered only in recent times. Some of its features, such as its creamy texture and resistance to long cooking, make it an irreplaceable ingredient of some typical Tuscan cooking preparations.

La Spinosa’s spelt is produced in compliance with organic regulations.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Corbiolo, 250ml Tin Can

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Threshed Spelt

Organic Threshed Spelt